Dover Personal Trainer believe NOW is the perfect time for you

The perfect time is now. 

I know what you’re thinking…

“Now is a terrible time. I’ve got too much to do. I’m too busy. I don’t have an ounce of free time on my schedule. How could I possibly squeeze more into my daily schedule? Time to workout? There’s no way I have an hour to two hours a day to get to the gym and get something in and sweat and then get cleaned up again and get back to my to-do list. Time for cooking something healthy? That’s a joke. I’m lucky if I can even remember to eat right now.”

Does this sound familiar? I would imagine that for many of us, it does. 

This is probably the internal monologue that goes on in your head when you realize you want to do something to change your health and fitness but you feel immediately overwhelmed by the enormity of the task of changing your daily lifestyle. It’s sort of become a fact, almost a badge of honor, that we are busy. B-U-S-Y. Busy. And we wear this busyness like a badge, but we use it like a shield. 

We go about buzzing around like Busy Bee’s, but we don’t take the time to sit and re-prioritize where our time and energy is actually going. We get to a place where we’ve been doing what we’ve been doing for so long, that doing anything different seems like an enormous task. 

But here’s the thing. For many of us, the end result of all this busyness is low energy, high stress, poor body image, larger waist lines, larger clothing size, less enthusiasm for opportunities in life, and putting ourselves last on the list. For some of us, we can even add metabolic diseases and lots of medications to take daily to that list. 

This is the reality of our busyness. 

Does it sound like it’s doing you any good? No. 
Do you have to drop everything in order to take care of yourself? No. 

But I think you have to face the fact that because we’re so busy there will never ever be a perfect time to make a change. Because we know deep down, we’re always going to be busy. There will always be new things we have to do, new project to chase down, new commitments to honor, and new fires to put out. That’s called life. 

What I’m saying is that because this is going to be the constant of your life, we need to figure out now how to carve out a tiny little piece of space for yourself in all that busyness. 

How do you make sure that even though you’re busy, you are still on the list of things to do? How do you make sure that the busyness is coordinated around sometime dedicated to taking care of your health and fitness? 

I can promise the answer is simpler than you think. Not that it will be easy, but that it can be made simple. 15 minutes here, 30 minutes there, a little planning here, and Voila! You’ve made space! 

Most of us have been running around busy for so long we aren’t sure how to make this change happen, but that’s the beauty of having a coach. A little outside perspective, a little unbiased opinion can make all the difference in the world when combined with the experience of someone who does just that. 

Still not sure? That’s why we offer free consultations to discuss your specific challenges and see if we can come up with a specific solution. And even if not with us, I hope you take some time on your own to sit back and really think about how to fit YOU into the busyness. There’s only one of you, that makes your priceless.


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