Dover Personal Trainer gives 3 tips to get back on track to reach your goals

It’s almost mid-February and that means one thing: people are starting to fall off their New Year’s resolutions. At this point you’re either seeing results or you’re not, which can definitely plant the seed that it isn’t worth it and that it’s time to quit.


You’re probably asking yourself these questions: what’s preventing me from being consistent? How long will it take to reach my goals? Why can’t it just be easy?

The reality is that leading a sustainable healthy lifestyle takes time, but most of all it takes support. You can’t do it on your own, and your goals aren’t going to happen overnight.


Throughout the years we’ve realized that people fail because of these main things: it doesn’t fit in their lifestyle, they have unrealistic expectations, or they don’t have the support they need in order to stay consistent.


We know it can be frustrating and disheartening if you find yourself falling into one of these categories, which is why we wanted to take the time to lay out some tips that are going to set you up for success!

  1. Start slow


Most people think that if they suddenly jump into going to the gym five days a week, exercising for 2 hours a day that the pounds are going to just melt off and they will be able to keep up the pace until their goals are met. While you’ll definitely see some pounds come off, this pace is completely unsustainable and sooner or later you won’t have the time or motivation to keep it up, causing you to fall of the band-wagon.


The first step to reaching your goals is finding something that will fit into your CURRENT lifestyle that you can be consistent at. Whether that means taking your dog for a walk for 30 minutes a day, or just starting at the gym 2-3 times a week, if you’re doing something that you can continue to do then you’ll start to reach your goals.


And when you are starting out, focus on movement and making sure your foundations are good. Don’t start off lifting heavy or moving quickly because you might injure yourself later on.


  1. Manage your expectations


Wanting to lose 30 pounds is a good goal; wanting to lose 30 pounds in two weeks in an unrealistic expectation. Losing weight takes time, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen as soon as you would like it to. Know that as long as you stay consistent — be it with your exercising, or your eating, you will work towards the results you want.


  1. Get some support


Lack of support and accountability is one of the top reasons people fail in reaching their goals. If they don’t have the support, they are more likely to give up if they don’t see the results they want right away.


The best way to find support is to either go to a professional or get an accountability partner, someone who will hold you accountable to your goals and support you in your efforts to reach them. When you’re choosing an accountability partner, choose someone who has already developed the lifestyle you are wishing to attain. If you do this, they will be able to guide you through all the places you might want to give up because they have been there themselves. But if you choose someone who wants to get to the same place you want to, they likely don’t know the path to take and will be facing the same thoughts and frustrations you might be experiencing.


Think of it this way — if you are taking a road trip with someone without a map or a gps, who would you rather have: someone who’s been to where you’re going, or someone who is just as lost as you?


We hope this helps you stay on track to reach your goals, but if you want an accountability partner know that CNU Fit is just a call away.


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