Dover Personal Trainer gives 3 weight loss tips

Summer is drawing near, at least that’s what it felt like this week as the temperature started to rise and we all started remembering what summer is all about: sunshine, fun, and summer sun.


We all have our summer goals to lose weight, fit our clothes better, increase our confidence, and boost our energy, and here at CNU Fit we know that there are many different ways to accomplish these goals: of course, the number one way is through support and accountability. But on top of grabbing a buddy or seeking out a professional to help you reach your goals, there are a few small things that can get you on the right track:

  1. Eat mindfully– snacking is one of the worst perpetrators for weight gain through the winter. There are so many parties with decadent snacks and delicious sweets that are so hard to refrain from, and that snacking mentality can definitely carry over into the spring months. If you still find yourself reaching for a bowl of leftover Easter candy, or just mindlessly snacking throughout the day try practice mindful eating. When you are hungry, instead of reaching for a convenient snack food try stocking healthy options around the house and making sure you stop eating when you feel full. It’s easy to overeat without listening to your body, so tune in and make healthy choices. Even saving 150 calories a day will have huge benefits over time.

  1. Repetition is Key – the key to building habits that are going to help you reach your goals is repetition. Repeating the same action, whether it be eating healthy or exercising daily, is going to build momentum that is going to catapult you to your goals if done consistently. Trying to build a bunch of new habits at once, however, is going to seem really challenging so start with a few small habits that you want to build and go from there.

  1. Eat More Often – Did you know that the way sumo wrestlers put on weight for competition is by eating one huge meal a day? This slows down their metabolism greatly, which results in the weight gain they need in order to be competitive. While this might work for sumo wrestlers, for people who are trying to speed up their metabolism in order to lose weight this is not a good option. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that eating smaller meals 5-6 times a day increases the metabolic rate, which will in turn help your body process the calories you intake better and you will lose weight as a result.


We hope this helps in your fitness journey! To learn more about how to speed up your metabolism and lose weight, fit your clothes better, increase your confidence, and boost your energy fill out your information on this page or give us a call!


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