Dover Personal trainer gives 5 tips to maximize productivity

Focus on your strengths


So many of us spend our days focusing on our negative attributes.

Negative self-talk is a huge contributor to not getting anything done. You may find yourself throughout the day telling yourself “I’m not good enough” or “It shouldn’t be this hard,” when the reality is that if you focus on what you are good at everything will fall into place. By focusing on your strengths you increase your confidence dramatically which will cause you to have confidence that you will achieve all you set your mind to.


Think about it on a scale of 1 to 10. Writer and leader John Maxwell says that a person can only go up in skill one or two  points, so if you focus on areas you may be a 7 or an 8 in you will ends up at 9 or a 10 — which is dynamite; whereas if you focus on areas you may only be a 2 or a 3 in, you will only ever reach a 4 or 5. So make one of your New Year’s Resolutions to start skilling-up your strengths even more, you’ll be surprised at how much you can do!


Focus on today


A lot of people will say, “Oh well if I only give 90% of effort today, I can make up for it tomorrow!” Well the reality is, is that there is no such thing as 110%! You can only ever give 100% and if you don’t give it today, you can’t make up for it tomorrow — you can only give 100% tomorrow. That 10% is lost forever and you will forever be playing catch-up to try to make up for it. The solution is easy, just give 100% to every day and only focus on today. Tomorrow will come soon enough and yesterday is in the past, so thinking about those things wastes time and effort you could be putting in to accomplishing everything you need to!


Focus on your priorities


A good way to maximize your productivity is to prioritize! Focus on the most immediate tasks first, paying the bills and getting your projects done for work, getting to the gym and taking care of yourself, and worry about the things that don’t have immediate deadlines of consequences later. A good way to do this is to make a list and then categorize everything according to urgency and importance. If something is both urgent and important make sure to do that first, followed by the important but not urgent and then the unimportant and non-urgent items. This will clean up your daily schedule and insure you accomplish everything you need to!

Focus on your results


When we are training a client, one of the best motivations is to remind them the results they are looking to achieve. It might be feeling confident in a bathing suit or a favorite outfit they haven’t been able to wear, but the same concept is easy to apply to everyday projects! By focusing on the results, say getting a raise or getting to spend extra time with your family, you will provide incentive for yourself to work faster and harder to reach your goals.


Focus on your contribution


Your best self will emerge when one of your goals is to use your potential to make the world a better place. Whether this means to volunteer your time and resources to a charity organization or just take it day by day and be the most compassionate individual you can be, applying your potential to the bigger picture will motivate you more to improve yourself and accomplish your goals so you can improve your world and help others accomplish their goals!


We hope these tips help you maximize your potential and productivity, and make sure you follow our weekly blog for more tips and tricks to conquer every day!


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