Dover Personal Trainer gives tips on travel eating

Happy Easter everyone! We know this is a wonderful time to spend with family, and for a lot of people that means traveling out of town.


Traveling can definitely be difficult for anyone trying to follow a specific meal plan or fitness regimen, simply because when we are on the road and stopping for food we can’t necessarily control all of what we eat, and when we get to spend time with family we don’t want take the time to weigh and measure everything out.


But it’s not impossible to travel and still work towards your fitness goals, it just takes a little determination.


Bring as much food as you can pack – Since you are allowed to bring food on a plane, maximize what you can control by packing plenty of snacks to help you on your journey. These could be things like sandwiches, protein bars, or fresh fruits and veggies.


Hydrate – one of the biggest mistakes people make while traveling is not drinking enough water. When you are thirsty, your body often gives off the same feeling as it does when it is hungry. A lot of people will wind up eating when they get that feeling instead of drinking, which is will cause them to overeat. So bring a refillable bottle with you when you travel and make sure you drink!


Pick a location you can cook food- many times places that have access to a kitchen is more expensive than one without, but if you eat out all your meals the cost winds up being way more than if you pay for a place with a kitchenette. And if you’re staying with family, try cooking food for yourself or offering to cook for everyone, that way you have more control over what you eat


Don’t be afraid to under-eat: If you are eating out often, you will definitely make up the difference in calories if you under eat at home or try to pick a lesser calorie option


Take home leftovers – when you go out, you may have noticed that portion sizes can be bigger…a lot bigger depending on where you go. A good way to make sure you don’t eat the whole plate (and your day’s worth of calories) is to order a takeout box with your meal and put a portion of it away for later. That makes it easier to just eat what’s on your plate, and you have a meal for tomorrow as well.


We hope these tips help you when you travel so you can stay on track to reach your goals!


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