Dover Personal Trainer gives tips to create a successful mealplan

One of the hardest parts of any fitness program is definitely the nutrition aspect. It’s easy to fall off the wagon regarding your meal plan, especially during football season with all of the parties and bowls of never-ending snacks. But even more than that, one of the questions we often face is how do I set up my meal plan so that I’m setting myself up for success?


A thing to keep in mind when you want to make a meal plan that will lead you to success: make sure the food fills you up. This means eating enough fat and carbs that will help with satiety, and eating balanced meals. Now of course, as your metabolism speeds up you’re going to become more hungry, but it’s very important to keep yourself in check and not mindlessly snack because a few handfuls of chips or sweets can quickly turn into 1,000 calories if you aren’t careful.


To start you off, here are the fundamentals for creating a meal plan that you can stick to:

Spread your protein out throughout the day – for those of you who have met with our health coach or registered dietitian, you already have a set amount of protein you have to get in. The easiest and most effective way to do this is to spread it throughout the day. This makes sure you are getting protein in during each meal and are staying fuller longer, eliminating the need for constant snacking. Plan each meal for a little less protein than your range, but only because your carbs and fats will inevitably have some protein to help finish you off.


Fill in your carbs and fats – the next step is adding your carbs and fats in to round out your meals. It’s very easy to overdo it right away when you begin a meal plan with fats and carbs, but by adding them in last you allow a more balanced meal plan. Try spreading them out evenly per meal just like you did with the protein!


Find healthy alternatives to treats – you’re human, so that means you are undoubtedly going to have cravings. This doesn’t mean that the second you have cravings you can eat whatever you want. To take preventative measures, plan for your craving attacks ahead of time by stocking the shelves with healthy alternatives. If you’re a chocolate person, try making some chocolate protein brownies or picking up some protein pudding from the CNU Fit store. Yogurt and fruit is another great alternative for cravings like ice cream or frozen yogurt. But if you can’t fathom an alternative to the original, leave room in your meal plan for the snack and don’t go overboard!


We hope this helps you reach success with your goals, but know that CNU Fit’s registered dietitian and health coach is here to help you through any bumps in the road! Check out our Nutrition Coaching program under the “Fitness Programs” tab located at the top of the page.


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