Dover Personal Trainer gives tips to exercise outside and reach your goals

Summer is coming folks, though this week didn’t necessarily feel like it what with all the rain — but we’ve been seeing glimpses of a sunny sky and some warmth so why not latch on to it? The winter is a time where a lot of people fall off their fitness goals, and once they reach spring the main question is always “where do I start?”


Well, why don’t we start with getting out in the fresh air and utilizing the nice weather while we have it, because eventually winter is going to return! So here are 6 tips to utilize the nice weather to help you reach your fitness goals:

Go for a 30 min walk every day


What better way to enjoy the outdoors than going for a stroll every day! Take your spouse, your kids, or walk your dog for thirty minutes and breathe in the sunshine! Whether you walk through your neighborhood or visit a park, 30 mins will feel like nothing when it’s beautiful out and you’re enjoying conversation while on a stroll!


Do some yard work!


You have to clean up your yard anyway right? So why not make it a workout? Bring out some music, dance around with the rake, pull the weeds, and before you know it you’ll be sweating and enjoying the day!


Join a summer rec league


Summer leagues aren’t just for your kids, there are a lot of adult leagues out there that are good for any activity level. From tennis, softball, and pickleball to basketball and soccer, you’ll definitely be able to find one that works for you! Even if the league only meets once a week that’s one more time of exercising per week! That can add up to great results!


Hit the beach


Sand is hard to balance on, so if you take your workouts to the beach it’s going to be more challenge — but in a good way! Try going for a run or walk on the beach, or even doing a more relaxing form of exercise like volleyball or yoga!


Act like a kid


Try going to a playground or a jungle gym! This is a great way to use that equipment for exercises like pull up, self rows, and other fun things! Even a park bench is a great way to do step ups and other exercises!


We hope this helps you utilize the spring weather to help you reach your fitness goals!


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