Dover Personal Trainer Talks About How To Find Your Strength

I am not a fitness model.

I don’t have shredded abs and I don’t post gym selfies or my insane workouts to impress the masses.

I am not a pro bodybuilder, nor will I ever be.

I still get self conscious being invited to the beach or pool because of having nothing to hide behind besides some swimming trunks. 

But I can lift some pretty cool weights. I can run a few miles and actually enjoy it. I can do other cool things too, like swing my daughter around, carry 10 bags of groceries in a single trip, and lug my wife’s 50 lb handbag around town in preparation for the Armageddon or hurricane worth 7 days of survival inside and still make it look fashionable and not like a struggle. 

Yet it takes me about a dozen tries to get a photo of myself that reflected how strong and happy I feel with what I can do these days.

Today I’m writing not as a trainer, not as a gym owner, but just as a guy who juggles lot of responsibilities on a daily basis and has to work on making sure my own health and fitness and self care gets into that mix. 

My message today is to take a step back, and have a little perspective at all the cool things you, and your amazing body, CAN do, instead of focusing on everything that it can’t (yet!) or all the imperfections we see in the mirror and the attempted selfies.

Find the good, find your strength, find your pride, and appreciate that you’re making an effort and therefore making progress, and that in itself is a pretty great thing.

Focus on the positive! 


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