Dover Personal Trainer Talks About How To Stay Fit While Traveling

Everybody travels. 


Whether it’s for business, pleasure, or vacation, at some point in our lives we all depart from the comfort of our daily activity to visit another location. It might be a quick trip to the next town over for a business conference or a massive adventure halfway around the world for a certain period of time. No matter what kind of trip it is, one thing is certain: our normal routines get completely thrown out the window when traveling. 

In order to stick to our plan we must stay prepared, therefore, we interviewed and asked Evans Armantrading Jr.’s advice on traveling.

  1. How do your workout routines differ from normal while traveling?

    ‘There is a lot of different variables that play into effect such as the intensity, training, and environment. When traveling, the intensity is not the same due to being in a different environment with a different training group. It is harder to push myself outside of my comfort level and makes it difficult to lift as heavy without having a spotter. Ultimately, I have limitations because I am not in my environment.’

  2. Often times on long travels, it’s difficult to bring exercise equipment. What are your favorite body weight moves to keep you fit on the go? 

    ‘Due to the level of intensity that I train at, I try to find a gym so I can workout. However, if I am limited, some of the body weight exercises I like to incorporate are squats and push-ups. With squats, you have many different options you can use such as lunges, squat to calf raises, sumo squats, pile squats, and squats. Another exercise I like to add is push-ups. If you do them correctly, you can include different muscle groups such as your back, shoulder and triceps. However, any type of cardio such as jumping jacks is also efficient to use when there is no equipment.’

  3.  What is one item you travel with to ensure you stay on top of your fitness goals? 

    ‘There are a couple of items I like to travel with including protein and protein bars but the main thing I always carry is my food scale. I like to know how much I am eating and it helps me stay on track with my numbers. I tend to find it easier if I have my food scale on hand because I do not have to eyeball any measurements and I can go to the local grocery store and pick up some type of turkey breast and bread. Don’t assume that I use my food scale all the time, there are some occasions where I do eat out for dinner but I just try to make sure I enjoy the moment.’

  4. How do you stay motivated to keep fit while traveling?

    ‘Honestly, I have to remember that at some point I have to come back to reality. It is not about staying fit while traveling because I do not travel for a lifestyle but fitness is my lifestyle. Understand that there are a lot of variants because I am in a different location but I try to control my indulgence when I eat out because it is hard to maintain calorie control. Also, I enjoy eating at non-chain restaurants and it is hard to track macro-nutrients because you do not know what they are serving in their food. I think the main motivating factor is I used to be overweight, I do not want to have to deal with those issues on a physical and emotional level again. I make it a priority to enjoy the food but understand the balance view of my weight gain.’ 

  5. Have you ever encountered any challenges while trying to exercise?

    There are tons of challenges involved while trying to exercise. Time management is important, I have to ensure that I prioritize a workout in my routine and have the resources to complete the workout. I have run into challenges where the gym was out of service or did not have the appropriate equipment, therefore, I did what I could and always try to make the best out of the situation.’ 

  6. What is your best piece of advice you could give to a fellow traveler who wants to stay fit on the road?

    ‘Prepare!! Take a look at your schedule the week prior and make time to pack the things you will utilize in your meal plan, such as carb blockers (this is the one macro-nutrient that is always overeaten).  You can also travel with resistance bands if you are going by plane or a vehicle, but most importantly, just RELAX. As long as you do not have a major event four weeks out from the vacation, then understand that your body will recover as long as you come back and follow your plan.’ 



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