Dover Personal Trainer talks about the fitness journey: it should be hard

We often have unrealistic expectations that our fitness journey is going to be easy. We just make this one minor change and SHABAAM instant success, or we take a pill and everything is fixed. The reality is, it’s not that easy.

Think about it, everything you’ve done in life that you were successful at, you had to work hard for: college graduation, moving up your career, even maintaining a marriage and especially raising your kids! It was hard…but so so worth it in the end, right?

Why should your fitness journey be any different?

The fact of the matter is that any time you want to make a lasting change when it comes to your health it takes hard work. It means changing a lot of habits that you may have had for more than a decade (no easy feat), it means finding the time in between your busy schedule, it also means embracing the suck.

It’s not supposed to be easy, if it was you would have done it on your own a long time ago.

The only way you will meet success is if you overcome that little voice inside your head that says it should be easier. Recognize that it’s going to be hard, but the ability to play with your grandkids or walk up the stairs carrying groceries without getting winded is worth it.

If your excuse is time, think about what will happen if you end up in the hospital: you won’t be able to go to that party anyway.

Change is possible, especially having someone who is going to hold you accountable to your changes. The first step though is recognizing it’s going to be hard, recognizing that you’re going to face adversity and failure along the way, and finally recognizing that it is going to be so worth it.


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