Dover Personal Trainer Talks about The Right People In The Right Seats

I just finished a phenomenal book called Good to Great by Jim Collins – it talks a lot about how organizations get to be great, and the things that can prevent organizations from reaching their goals.

According to the book, one of the major components to running a successful business is identifying the right people for the right roles. A lot of business may have a great staff but the staff members could be in the wrong roles, preventing the business from running as smoothly as it could. Collins uses the analogy of passengers traveling on a bus: you could have great people on the bus, but they might not be in the right seats.


You may have noticed a few changes with CNU Fit: we recently won “Fitness Business of the Year” from Net Profit Explosion, a globally recognized fitness business coaching company (which we’re very excited about), but we’ve also made changes in our staff.


Over the past few months we’ve been brainstorming ways to make our staff members better able to help the individuals in our CNU Fit family reach their goals and become more confident in themselves. Through that brainstorming process it became clear that Gabrielle Webb, who has served as the Office Manager at CNU Fit for the past year would be a better fit in a different position because of her background and passion.


Gabbie has a degree in Kinesiology, but also has first-hand knowledge of the struggle a lot of our clients go through: weight gain and believing in the fitness myths that are passed around. But, through hard work and some guidance she has gotten to a point where she is happy, healthy, and ready to help others on their own individual journeys. Gabbie is currently completing her certification as a Health Coach through the American Council on Exercise.


Because she has such a great rapport with the family members at CNU Fit, Gabbie will serve as CNU Fit’s Health Coach and will work with clients in Metabolic Coaching to help them reach their goals, lose weight, boost their energy and knowledge, and gain confidence in themselves.


But the question remained: who was going to fill the position?


If you’ve looked at our Facebook page at all this week, you saw that we have a New Office Manager named Alyssa. She recently moved down here from Concord, NH because her husband is being stationed at Dover, AFB.


Here’s a little bit about her: Alyssa has a degree in Creative Writing from New England College and is currently working on her Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Writing through a low-residency program at Vermont College of Fine Arts. She finished her undergraduate degree in three years and has worked as an editor and journalist, dabbling in the marketing field. Though she loves to write, her other passion is fitness and helping others reach their personalized fitness goals.


Moving forward, this shift in staffing will allow me to focus more of my own energy on expanding CNU Fit and providing the best care for our clients – which is one of the things I love most about the fitness business.


That being said, we have some major goals to look forward to in the next five years, so it’s time to get excited! We plan on adding two new locations for our CNU Fit family — we love our Dover location but our mission is to provide personalized fitness coaching and accountability to as many people as we can, so we’re excited to expand to both Milford and Middletown within the next few years.


Great things are happening, and we’ll continue to keep you updated, but in the meantime feel free to ask questions, and continue to work hard to reach your goals!


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