Dover Personal Trainer’s advice for a great Christmas gift: give the gift of health!

Christmas is a beautiful holiday, one full of love, family, joy, celebration, and giving. While all of these things are great, the giving part tends to cause a lot of stress around this time of year. As Christmas Eve draws nearer a lot of us ask ourselves what to give our loved ones to really show them that we care, but it can be hard to choose when the commercials on the television are screaming for consumerism and buying the hottest new gadget.


If I’ve learned anything throughout my life it’s that material items will come and go – they get lost or they break, they get coveted, or become boring and are easily replaced – but something that will never expire or become out of style is health.


Giving someone the gift of health is more than just giving them a diet cookbook or a membership to a gym; it’s giving them the tools – like a support system and accountability – to reach their goals. In the end, this gift will yield more than just pounds dropped on the scale, it will yield an increased sense of confidence, boosted energy, and better overall happiness.


One thing to understand as we all try to lead the best lives we can lead, is that you can’t give to others without making time for yourself first. What this means is that in order to put our all into another individual we have to be content with ourselves – and for a lot of us that begins with a baseline of physical health, which in turn affects mental health.


You can’t invest in others without first investing in yourself.


A lot of the time it’s hard for an individual to take even as little time as 30 minutes a day to invest in themselves; there’s always something going on and someone else to take care of, there simply isn’t time. That’s where we come in, and where you can come in too.


By giving a loved one a gift card to CNU Fit, you are giving them an opportunity to be embraced by a family that will ensure they are taking time to get healthy, so they can function at an optimal level in every other area of their lives.


They can use the gift card in our store, or to purchase a training or stretching session, which could give them the push they need to realize that their health is the most important thing they need to focus on.


If nothing else, remember: traditional gifts are pricey, good health is priceless!


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