Dover Personal Training Discusses Telling Your Story

We are all storytellers at heart. That’s one of the great threads of humanity, from even way back in caveman days with cave paintings. We were telling stories.

Well that’s all fine and good, you may be thinking, but what does this have to do with my health and fitness?

One of the things I want you to consider is what story are you telling yourself?

I wonder if you’d ever stop to think about it. Because that’s actually one of the most important stories that will be told. That’s because it’s a story that’s going to shape your life, and your future.

Now stay with me for a moment. What I mean specifically is the power of the language you’re using to yourself. I’ve always been fascinated with language, loving to read from an early age. This is because words shape images, shape lives, shape goals, and shape the future.

Think about it. Our country was founded on some powerful words: “We the People…” Relationships are founded on some powerful words too: “I do.”

In so many ways, our capacity for language puts us at the top of the food chain as well. Language is the means of communication, and therefore language has some pretty impressive power. Individual words have very specific meanings. And we make a lot of decisions based on these meanings, based on the specific words of a story.

So I want to ask you again from this context, what story are you telling yourself?

Are you telling yourself that you’re always tired? 
That you never get ahead? 
That you’ll never have money? 
That you’ll never find love?
That you will never lose weight? 
Are you telling yourself that you can’t have things that you want or things that others have? 
Are you telling yourself that it’s not your fault? 
Are you telling yourself that you can’t help it? 
Are you telling yourself that you don’t deserve happiness?

Think for a minute about what each of these sentences means. Not just the words and sells, but what story is being told if you said these things to yourself every single day. What impact will that have on your motivation? What effect would that have on your relationships, your career, or your future?

If you truly believe the things you tell yourself, we can easily understand why the words that you’re using, even to yourself in your own mind, have importance. The story you tell yourself is the life you will end up living.

But the great thing about all of this? These are just words choices. These are just sentences you’re stringing together. And they’re only true if you never change them.

How easy is it to think about changing a few words? A lot easier than say dropping 20 pounds or finding the love of your life right? But that’s where it starts. If you change the language you use to tell your story, the words you use when you’re talking to yourself, you will change the outcome of your life.

That’s the true power of the story you tell yourself.

So think instead, what if you told yourself things like: 
I’m an amazing creature capable of anything I choose to pursue. 
I have many gifts and talents to offer the world. 
I always learn from my mistakes. 
I am worthy of love. 
I am worthy of success. 
I choose to live a life of abundance. 
I attract only the best things in my world.

What kind of story do those sentences, do those specific choices of words paint? Would you rather live in that story or the first one?

The most amazing thing about language is that we create it. So you literally have the power to create your own future by paying attention to the words you’re using, to the story you’re telling yourself, and rewriting a different story.

I encourage you to tune into that little Inner Voice this week. What story are you telling yourself? Now what story do you want to live? Change your words, change your story, change your life!


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