Dover’s Certified Personal Trainer Talks About Why You Need A Coach

I know you’ve got some goals.

You might have some fitness goals, some business goals, some personal goals, financial goals even perhaps?

Most of us set goals and aspire to achievements in various aspects of our lives at different points in our lives. And I think that’s great, I’m a big proponent of personal growth! I believe if you’re not trying to improve yourself, or read something new, or learn something new, you’re missing out on some of the finer points of life and what you really can do with the one that you’re given.

However, I also believe that most people set goals but very few of them reach them, and for good reason. When we set goals, it’s because we haven’t achieved what we’re trying to achieve before. It’s all new to us! It causes us to stretch, to learn, to grow, and to reach new heights. And this is true whether it’s a fitness goal, or a business or career goal.


Achieving something for the first time is not easy. And we may not have the expertise needed or be aware of all the pitfalls, ups and downs, and things to watch out for on the path to achieving the goal. This is the life of a novice! It’s completely okay to be a novice, but this is where I have to tell you that if you are truly serious about achieving your goal, it’s going to be absolutely worth it to invest in a coach to help you get there.

Outside expertise is invaluable. There’s just something about outside perspective that is separated from the emotional sticking points we get to in the here-and-now of our specific situation. There’s also something to be said for experience, and learning from other’s mistakes instead of being forced to always make your own. Now having a coach doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes, it just means you’re going to limit the number of them you will probably make if you get some good advice.

How do I know this? Because I have invested in coaching in the bigger areas of my life. When I have a big fitness goal, I hire a trainer or coach. I have at various points my life, even being a personal trainer, hired other trainers or coaches to help me through to the next goal. Think about it! Even great athletes have coaches. Why is this? Outside perspective and guidance. And also that little nugget of accountability!

This works in business too. Yes I’ve ran a business for 7 years, but I also been working with a business coach for several years. Does that mean I have had 6 years of unrivaled crazy success? No, because life and business happens. But it does mean that I had somebody in my corner every time I face a new challenge, or every time I set a new goal, to help give me clarity, talk me through some things, and create a solid plan of action. I also get to draw on their experience in areas where I don’t have that much yet. There’s something absolutely huge about this. I can’t tell you how many coaching calls I’ve got off of just being absolutely grateful for having been able to talk it through with somebody who 1: knows what’s going on; 2: knows my status; and 3: knows where I want to go, and can help me formulate a plan. That’s the ticket.

So think you’re the areas of your life and where you have set a big goal, especially if it’s something very new to you or something very important. I say consider hiring a coach! Now I happen to know some amazing health and fitness coaches (wink wink nudge nudge!), but if your goal is in other areas of your life I encourage you to do the research, ask around, find a mentor or coach to help you along the way. It’ll be the greatest investment in time, energy and money you’ll ever make in yourself.


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