Dover’s Personal Trainer Explains What Does Fitness Mean To You?

What Does Fitness Mean To You?


A simple enough question, right? This question has been lingering around the studio and it really got us thinking, sure we love to work out because it makes us feel healthier and improves our body, but when we actually sit back and think about fitness, it has made a huge impact on our lives and developed us a an individual.


Recently, we had a coaching session with one of our clients and we were so inspired by the individual that she has become. She has new goals and a different output on life. She feels more confident and secure about herself. Also, she is able to use her affirmations and commit to doing any activity she puts her mind to (commit to excellence). We were so excited to see the smile on her face that we just had to share her testimonial and this led to the inspiration of this blog.


Here are a few thing that we have achieved from fitness aside from being more fit and healthy:

  • Confidence. The more fitter you become, the more confidence you have with your weight training. Sure those weights are intimidating in the beginning but with the education you learn, you are able to focus on becoming stronger.
  • Mental strength. Challenging yourself mentally in training helps you overcome obstacles that you deal with in everyday life. You become more motivated and face those mental obstacles. It is amazing feeling when you achieve that and you feel more invincible.
  • Recognizing your strength and weaknesses. Everybody has these, but more often than not it’s much easier to point out our weaknesses than recognize our strengths. This ties in with mental strength and confidence by only looking at our weaknesses we develop low self-esteem, therefore we will lack the mental strength to better ourselves. Fitness has taught us how to love our body, but also strive to improve it. There are certain parts of our body that we are confident with and certain parts that we don’t, but instead of dwelling on it and letting it knock our confidence, we see it as an opportunity to improve ourselves.

This goes to show that such a simple question can be some complex and lead down so many different paths. What we are trying to say is use fitness to better yourself, not just because you feel like you have to go to the gym or have to lose weight because that’s what you should do, find a form of exercise that you love, recognize your weaknesses to improve but also embrace your strengths, feel free to shout about them!


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