Ed Cregar

Over the past week we have been celebrating our amazing clients here at CNU Fit. Every day we come in to work we can’t believe that we get to work with such amazing people who inspire us by showing up, day in and day out.

Our 12th client is Ed Cregar. 

We are so proud of Ed! He has made amazing progress this year towards his goals of weight loss and lowering his cholesterol and high blood sugarnumbers. 

Ed joined CNU Fit after feeling a lack of energy. He knew that he wanted someone to help him through his journey to live a healthier lifestyle.

In the past 13 months, Ed has been at CNU Fit, he has lost 30+ pounds and has accomplished his goals. He has worked on his flexibility and strength. He increased his range of motion in his shoulders after he tore his rotator cuffs. 

Fast forward to today, Ed is in our personal training program and he is stronger, more energized and getting better sleep. He is currently working on his diet with the support of his wife Heather. 

Keep up the amazing work, Ed. We are all inspired by you and so proud of you. Bring on 2017!


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