Entire CNU Fit Training Staff Continues Education with New Certifications

One of CNU Fit’s Core Values is Seek Mentorship With a Drive for Personal Growth, and what that means is we are constantly striving to be better so that we can serve our clients more effectively.

The last few months our team has upskilled with new certifications to help our clients move better, fit their clothes better, and get their lives back. In October, the entire training staff went to Philadelphia for a weekend to attend Brookbush Institute’s corrective exercise certification. Corrective exercise helps improve mobility so that you can exercise safely and effectively, and in many cases even correct movement patterns that cause pain!

This has been an amazing addition to our teams’ already expansive knowledge of the body, especially since the majority of our clients have prior injuries and experience pain, stiffness, and mobility challenges that effect their daily lives. 

Jordan, Will, and Amanda are excited to add some corretive exercises into clients’s programs over the next few months, so if you see some changes to your workouts that’s why!

Outside of the training team, Kiambu completed three stretch therapy certifications and is very excited to open his schedule up to accept stretching clients. 

Alyssa also completed a new nutrition coaching certification that dove into the science behind calories and weightloss. One of the things she’s most excited to implement is helping clients heal their metabolisms so they can lose weight and eat more food!

We couldn’t be more proud of the team for embracing our core values and constantly honing their craft!


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