Evans Shares His Story

Although I was born in New York City, I was sent to Jamaica, W.I. at just 10 months old because my parents could not afford the cost of my care. I lived there with my aunt until I reached school age. As a child, I was active and fit; while not a true athlete, I loved to play any sport.

In my early adult years, I became homeless multiple times and eventually decided to join the military. Within my first 15 months, I gained over 50lbs and began my battle with weight and body image.

I spent 5 years in the military on the “fat boy program” and struggled to meet physical fitness requirements. I attempted a wide variety of fat loss programs: Taebo, video tapes, dvd’s running, elaborate programs purchased online, and supplement regimens from local vitamin stores. Nothing offered a permanent solution. Due to this lack of success with my weight loss journey, I developed a negative body-image.

I hit a breaking point when my younger brother told me to “lose the belly.” Faced with the hard truth, I was finally ready to make a healthy change. I decided to get mentorship from a local physician who specialized in weight-loss and metabolism. It was the perfect storm; I lost my job in home sales and needed to reinvent myself. I began to apply the techniques that I learned from my local physician, and I began to teach others. I went from over 210lbs to 174lbsand from 25% body fat to 7.45% body fat.

Through years of teaching health seminars and solving my own struggle with fitness, I found that for people to truly succeed they need to be coached in a one-on-one or small group setting. I realized that although the classroom setting is great for teaching the concepts, health is not a “one size fits all” concept. It is an intimate and unique journey!

My passionate desire to see people of all ages become healthy and disease-free caused me to start my own health and wellness company. In 2009, I stepped out in faith and started CNU Fit (pronounced Seeing You Fit). I believed that if I was a consistent tither, committed to hard work, and speaking daily affirmations my business would succeed.

Now, CNU Fit is my vehicle to help people develop a proper view of who they can be, and see themselves fit in a safe, fun and uplifting atmosphere. My background in military leadership, business, public speaking, sales, leadership development and my 2 year internship under Dr. Wilson gave me a great advantage in helping others understand their body’s process, hormones, metabolism and how to optimize their health. I have helped thousands of people to lose weight, improve their self-images, and become prescription drug free. I have worked with professional football players, former ProBowlers, celebrities such as Nathan Morris from Boyz II Men and his son, Mrs. Dover, DE, nurses, physicians, attorneys, and people from every walk of life.

I’m known for my passion for Christ’s transforming power and I’m a minister in my local church. I’m actively involved in my community and sit on the executive board of the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce as well as the President of Mom’s House of Dover. Today, people and organizations from all across the country seek me and my team to teach methods on how to increase their metabolism through nutrition, exercise and proper supplementation.

I am a USAF veteran who deployed multiple times during Operation Iraqi Freedom and OperationEnduring Freedom. My wife Dana and I have been married since July 2001 and have two children (Evans III and Diaya). I live by and love to teach my values of Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances, Freedom and Empowering Others!


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