Macros? WTH are Macros?


“What are you eating?” “What workout are you doing?” <– Two of the WORST questions you can ask when starting your fitness journey. The macros (macronutrients) of each individual is tailored to their body. You cannot do what they do to achieve the same results. But… what the heck are macros?!

Macros Tracking


What Do You Mean I Don’t Eat Enough?

Often when we receive new clients here at CNU Fit, we hear “Oh, I eat a ton of food” or “I eat all of the time”. However, when our specially trained nutritional coaches do a metabolic analysis we notice something shocking: THEY AREN’T EATING ENOUGH! Mind you, we are not saying to go out and eat all of the pizza and wings your body can hold (hello football season!). We are telling you that you need to eat enough of the RIGHT things in order to reach your goals. In short, follow your macros.


Do The Right Thing

Tracking your macros is a fairly simple process once you determine what the numbers are. It is important to calculate the correct amount of protein, carbs and fat to speed up your metabolism and facilitate fat loss.

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