Milford Personal Trainer: We are open…what you need to know!

Both our Dover and Milford locations are open and we could not be more excited. 


In today’s blog we just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about re-opening, what we’ve been seeing in the marketplace, and then some tips for those of you who want to continue to stay at home during this time.


People are excited! We can tell our folks missed seeing each other face to face and we are pumped that we have the option for people to train in person. We do have quite a few people who are choosing to stay remote and we are so blessed that we can serve them and continue to have fun with them in the safety of their home.



To celebrate re-opening we decided to make a grand-day of it! Our clients walked into welcome balloons and a “Welcome Back Kit” that featured some brand new gummy vitamins we have in stock! They are super delicious and a great way to get in your nutrients to support you throughout your day.

The most amazing part of re-opening is that the percentage of folks that decided not to do remote coaching while we were closed, the majority of them came right back in and got back on track with their goals without missing a beat!


We are so proud of our CNU Fit family for the perseverance that they are demonstrating during this time. Whether or not they decided to take advantage of remote coaching, they remained dedicated to their journey. And what we’ve seen just from talking to people outside of CNU Fit is that for the folks folks who didn’t have any sort of support system or accountability partner during this time definitely veered off track.


When it comes to re-opening, our staff members had a little bit of anxiety just like our clients. Not fear because of the virus, but anxiety about changing up routines! What they’ve found, and what even our clients who may have suffered from anxiety found, is that it was like no time had passed.


Even though we don’t know where the future will take us in regards to the virus, we are so happy that we can pivot and serve our folks in person or remotely based on their comfort levels.


From a health perspective, we’ve noticed that a lot of folks were most looking forward to their stretching sessions! Because so many have been stuck inside and at home throughout the last 2 and a half to 3 months, maybe stuck at a desk working at home, or spending more time on the couch than usual, their bodies have tightened up.


The awesome thing about our facilitated stretching sessions is that they are 1:1 and can be booked at any time, just like you would book a massage! It’s definitely beneficial for mobility, flexibility, and getting out of pain.


In case you’re wondering if people are really going back to the gyms, the answer is yes! The first week we were open we booked 6 consultations! Folks are tired of not doing anything, they’ve been stuck at home, probably snacking and stressing, and they are ready to make that change now. We’re seeing a ton of people raising their hand and saying “Yes, I want to get back on track to my goals!” Since we are still accepting clients remotely and in person, we are ready to support folks and help them get back to some sense of normalcy and control.


In case you may not be ready to go to a fitness facility, below are some starting points to support you.


Fitness & Nutrition tips to get back on track: 

  1. Start small- If you are going back to the gym you want to start off at 50-75% of what you were doing prior to COVID. When you take time off from exercise you do back track a little when it comes to your strength, so you need to create a new baseline. And if you feel you can do more (safely, of course) do more!

  2. Make your environment work for you- you can’t eat it, if it’s not in the house. Don’t bring in the snacky foods that you crave and can’t control yourself with. It’s time to get rid of those things that don’t serve you in the kitchen.

  3. Drink water- It’s getting hotter, and water is vital for so many things: feeling full, feeling bloated, and losing fat. The goal is ½ your body weight in ounces, and if you’re nowhere near that, start small and slowly add more water as you gain momentum.



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