Nathan Morris’s Success Story


Before coming to CNU Fit, Nathan’s father took him to a family doctor who recommended that Nathan needed to weigh 130 pounds. To achieve that goal, the doctor recommended drastic attempts to get Nathan healthy, such as eating ¼ of a sandwich, and ¼ piece of fruit for lunch each day.

When Nathan came to CNU Fit, he followed his custom program religiously. He ate 7 or 8 times a day; he ate appropriately distributed meals of proteins, carbs and fats. After 13 months, Nathan had lost 97 pounds.

Obviously, his loved ones were pleased with his results from CNU Fit and said “Nathan has much more energy, looks and feels terrific; his self-estimate is terrific. Evans has been a key to all of this success; supporting him, directing him, and getting him to a place where he understands how his lifestyle should be in a healthy way rather than a dysfunctional way. He can make his own lunch and dinner, if a 16 year old can do that, it says a lot about the program… and the results speak for themselves.”

CNU Fit has not only achieved Nathan’s weight loss goals, they have taught him realistic eating habits to establish a lifetime of health and wellness, Nathan said “when the doctor said I could only have ¼ of an apple and ¼ of a sandwich, it was unrealistic. This program is realistic to everyday life, that’s why it was easy to adapt to. I take in 2700 calories a day, it’s unbelievable to me!”


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