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As we approach the New Year, we at CNU Fit encourage all of our Personal Training and Metabolic Coaching clients to create goals for 2016 instead of making traditional resolutions.

Traditional resolutions are often broad and empty promises without an action plan. “Quit smoking, drink more water, lose weight” are all examples of resolutions not accompanied by an action plan.

Goals, however, are often accompanied by action plans, for instance “lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks by exercising 3 times each week” is a goal. But there’s more to it than just resolution versus goals. It’s also outcome based goals verses behavior based goals.

CNU Fit, LLC owner and CEO Evans Armantrading Jr. explains the difference between outcome based goals and behavior based goals…

The traditional method of goal setting has the following four characteristics:

1.Goal are put down in writing
2.Goals are specific and measurable
3.Goals have a specific timeline
4.Goals are realistic

Factors in the outcome based method of goal setting can become out of your control; you can’t control if life situations prohibit your goal. An injury for instance or a family emergency. In our example above, losing 10 pounds in 10 weeks seems like a realistic goal, until you suffer an injury or family emergency.

On the other hand, behavior based goal setting focuses on the specific things that are within your control. Eating your planned meals every day, controlling your consistency, taking your multivitamins, are all examples of behavior that can help you reach your goals.

We recommend that you take inventory of your current goals and resolutions. Identify what your outcome goals are, and write them down. Next, identify what things are in your control, start practicing those things which are in your control in order to reach your goals.

Principles of success are universal, outcome and behavior goal setting will not only apply in your health and fitness, but in all other areas of your life.



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