Portia Fennell’s Success Story

Portia’s fitness journey started when she was very young. At the age of 8, she was about 5’4” and 175lbs. Portia was always concerned with her weight as far back as she can remember “I was embarrassed, bigger than most kids, heavier than most kids, and I initially tried to hide my weight” says Portia “my whole body developed early, I was uncomfortable with myself.”

The weight came on suddenly, with the influence of inactivity, television, and puberty. Portia was frequently bullied at school and often came home in tears. Her mother decided to change the way the family ate, invested in a stationary bike, and even wore plastic sweat suits with Portia to help her lose the weight. This made her hyper aware and self-conscience of her weight, and did little to improve her condition.

In high school, Portia ran track to maintain her weight, and in college and mid-twenties she was a regular gym attendee. Her weight was always on her mind, teetering up and down. She developed poor habits, such as binge eating, throwing up, and abusing diet pills. After having two children, Portia gained 60lbs. She then tried the trend diets, LA weight loss, weight watchers, cayenne pepper, more diet pills, even holistic attempts, TV fads like Nutrisystem, and surgery. Nothing worked. Her last attempt was with a medical professional that prescribed a narcotic appetite suppressant and weekly vitamin B shots—another drastic and failed attempt.


Now, Portia has been a client with CNU Fit for over two years. While her initial goal with CNU Fit was simply to lose weight, Portia found herself on the road to competition, and recently competed in a professional fitness physique competition. Since committing to CNU Fit, she has lost 25lbs, consumes no prescription medications, and is overcoming the psychological challenges that were present when she was overweight.


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