Resolutions won’t get you your goals: What to do INSTEAD of making New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year again: New Year’s Resolutions time. After the challenges 2020 has brought, the new year for many comes with sighs of relief and hope: hope that this year will be different, hope that this year will FINALLY be the year that things begin to change.

While the prospect of the New Year is full of hope, the statistics of resulotions are not as much: only 8% of Americans that create New Year’s resolutions keep them all year, and 80% of those that make resolutions fail by February. 

So how do you beat the odds?

Change the way you set your goals.

One of the biggest reasons resolutions fail is because they are not specific enough…but there’s more to it than that. Creating a goal that sticks is like a math equation: miss one of the parts and the equation makes no sense or you get the wrong answer.

When it comes to goals, follow this equation: WHY + WHO + SMART + HOW + ACCOUNTABILITY = STICKABILITY

You have to discover WHY you desire these goals, WHO you need to become to make them come to fruition, HOW you’re going to reward yourself or penalize yourself, and WHO you’re going to get to hold you ACCOUNTABLE. When you hash out the details to these things you have created a plan for your goals, instead of just creating a goal and hoping you’ll get there.

To truly set yourself up for success, grab a pen and paper and complete the exercise below:

  1. The reason I am on this journey is: 
    1. Self (identity, personal accomplishment, winning)
    2. Family
    3. Contribution
    4. Revenge
    5. Disgust
  2. Who do you need to become to reach your goals. (I am trying to lose weight vs I am healthy and fit) Write in the I am ____________________
  3. The Goal must be WHY SMARTE
    1. Written
    2. Harmonious
    3. Yours
    4. Specific
    5. Measurable
    6. Achievable
    7. Relevant
    8. Time-Bound
    9. Exponential (X-Goal) – Able to impact others or other areas of your life
    10. My fitness goal is:_____________________________
  4. Reward
    1. What is the reward I will earn when I achieve my goal?
    2. Who benefits when I achieve my goal?
  5. Consequence
    1. What is the consequence if I don’t achieve my goal?
    2. Who else is hurt if I don’t achieve my goal?
  6. Enroll Family
    1. What reward will they gain if they help me achieve my goal?
  7. Get a success buddy/accountability partner:
    1. My success buddy is ________________
  8. Declare your goal publicly.
    1. This may be on your facebook page or some other means, for extra accountability tag CNU Fit, LLC

”One of the best days of your life is when you finally say, ‘I’VE HAD IT! I won’t live like this any more.’”

Once you’ve done the exercise above,  write out the statement below, sign and date it and declare it publically.  


I will be waving from the Mountain top (achieving this goal) or I will be lying dead on the side.

I am NOT going back to how I was.

I will DO IT, or I will die trying. Period.



Dated: ______________________

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step into achieving your goals in 2021! If you need more support, we are here for you!


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