Ronah’s Success Story

In June of 2013 Ronah was hospitalized with a common digestive disease known as diverticulitis, which involves the formation of pouches within the bowel wall. Symptoms include increased white blood cell count, constipation, abdominal pain, nausea, fever.

Every 3 months, the infected intestine is surgically removed. Her first surgery went great! Ronah was home within five days of the surgery. Unfortunately, four hours after returning home, Ronah was readmitted to the hospital with kidney failure; she remembers it being difficult to breath and walk.

Cat scans reviled the clamps had broken, and she was toxic with infection from an intestinal rupture. Emergency surgery was necessary, as intestinal rupture always results in infection of the abdominal cavity.

During surgery Ronah experienced a heart attack and a stroke, she was pronounced died, and then remained on life support for 4 days. “When I woke up I was unable to use my arms, walk, or do anything for myself, like an infant. Everything was difficult and heavy.” said Ronah. When she discovered that insurance would not cover rehab or physical therapy, the question quickly became “Where do I go now, and what do I do?”

CNU Fit worked extensively with Ronah to improve her optimal health and assist her in regaining her strength. On her first day with CNU Fit, Ronah could hardly walk from one side of the studio to the other, now she is able to stand without support, walk without a cane, and she has regained all of her motor skills. “That’s behind me. Now it’s concentrating on going forward.”-Ronah Marshall


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