Shoulder Mobility



Lead Trainer, Sean Floyd demonstrates a simple exercise to check if you have proper range of motion in your shoulders. Shoulder pain and problems are very common among individuals who lift weights. Try incorporating this exercise into your daily routine to help improve shoulder flexibility and mobility.

Steps: Repeat 5 times on each arm

1. Place arm against the wall (your arm should touch the wall throughout the whole movement)

2. Raise the arm closes to the wall all the way up (try to go as far as you can) 

3. Rotate your arm and follow through to the starting point 

This exercise is a great start to help improve your shoulder mobility. Mobility is critical to increasing strength and preventing injuries. Keep in mind that mobility is not the same as flexibility. It is best to do mobility work every day. It is super healthy for you, so feel free to do it as often as you want. Give this exercise a try and comment below to let us know how you did.


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