Today I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

It’s something I’m not sure many people are consciously aware of, although they probably have noticed in their lives.

In the health and fitness industry, as a personal trainer and fitness coach, what most people look for when they’re coming to us for training services is a good workout. It’s the magical workout that’s going to miraculously make all their fitness goals be realized. That special combination of exercises, of intervals, of strength training, cardio, all these wonderful magical pieces that come together physically in your 30 minutes or an hour or two hours and completely transform your body and therefore your life.

Well here’s a secret y’all- It’s not about the workout.

The workout is just one tool, and it’s primarily the catalyst for you to start changing your life. Now I’m not saying to work out is not important, I’m just not I’m just letting you in on the fact that the workout is not what’s really creating the major change in your body.


Can you guess what the true key is?

It’s your brain. Its that awesome gray matter between your ears. More importantly, it’s your mindset, and the way you start prioritizing the choices you make every day in your life.

Now where workouts are super powerful is they give you confidence, they give you endorphin’s, and they give you that positive feeling of accomplishment that you did something, which them bleeds over to the rest of the choices you make.

Workouts give you the motivation to make a smarter choice, to eat a little healthier, to get a little more sleep, drink a little more water. Building physical strength through fitness will also lead to the mental strength and a positive mindset to do the real work in your world, which is changing your lifestyle.

That’s it people. That’s the simple truth behind everything that I do.

Can you change your life completely and reach the fitness goals you want without a workout? Or without the most perfect, cutting edge, expertly designed workout? Probably. Because so much depends on the choices you make day in and day out, all the little things.

But we know the workout is the easiest and simplest place to start, to start building that confidence and building that willingness to change.

Most people perceive the workout is the hardest part. I counter that it’s probably the easiest, but it is the hardest because it’s the first. It’s the one we don’t have the most knowledge about, the one we have the least confidence about, the one that’s going to take the most physical effort to actually do. So therefore it feels like the hardest. But when you’re in the hands of a trainer and all you have to do is keep your commitment to yourself to show up, it becomes the easiest.

This is why private personal trainers and studios are so successful. And this is why we’ve tried to build not just a great community to come and work out in, but support around the lifestyle pieces once you are working out. This is why education is so important to us. We want you to have accountability on what you’re eating, are you sleeping, are you drinking water, are you looking for ways to be healthier and be more active, are you changing the products around your world in your life and in your home, are you taking other actions to take better care of your own self.

Now I know many other trainers are going to argue with me, and say that excellent programming, the perfect fitness routine, and all the other science they’ve studied for years and the string of letters behind their name is the real secret to success. But I’m going to politely agree to disagree. I believe that true health, well-being, happiness, and a positive feeling about the way you live in the world, move, and look, comes from a combination of things, and the workout is just the beginning catalyst. But then again, I don’t train people for a fitness competitor stage. I train people for life.

So if you want to help your life, help your body, and take a more positive approach to wellness, let’s talk. I can definitely help you start working out, but my hope is that I can help you do a heck of a lot more than that.


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