Theadora White’s Success Story

Teddi had been struggling with her weight for many years, she even had the lap-band surgery in an attempt to lose weight. She thought it was a quick fix, but she didn’t get the results she thought she would, and although Teddi changed her body with surgery, she failed to change her lifestyle.

After the lap-band surgery, Teddi lost 30-40 pounds, she says “I was not eating as much, but I was still eating the same types of foods, so it wasn’t really beneficial for me because I wasn’t changing my lifestyle.” Teddi couldn’t get over the hurdle, and she wanted something more.

Teddi knew others in her personal and professional life who had the lap-band surgery, they had good results, but after a few years they would be back at their original weight. She didn’t want that to happen to her.

As a client of CNU Fit, Teddi has maintained weight loss and continues to lose inches, she says “for years I always wore jackets to work because I wanted to hide the fat… now the inches are coming off, my clothes are fitting. Now I’ve taken ownership of my health and changed my lifestyle.”



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