Togar Checks-in 2

Togar Johnson is one of our Master Trainers at CNU Fit, and he’s excited to share his experience training for a Bodybuilding show in Laurel, Maryland, September 10th of this year. We will be tracking his progress and we need YOU to help Togar stay accountable! Follow him on Instagram, follow CNU Fit on Facebook, and sign up for our Newsletter, to ask your questions and stay up to date on Togar’s journey!

Togar’s in his 2nd month of competition prep! He’s feeling the pressure and struggling to stay accountable to his meal plan.

His biggest challenge this week:
Life Events. Togar neglected his meal plan during special occasions and holidays, as a result he gained weight during his competition prep and is further from his end goal.

Game plan for next week:
Focus and organization. Focusing on eating what’s outlined in the meal plan, staying positive and moving forward.

Your Take Away:
It’s important to remember to plan ahead for unavoidable events such as birthday parties, holidays and other special occasions. With proper planning you can enjoy your events and keep consistent with your goals. If your struggling to lose weight or stay accountable click here to learn more about our Metabolic Coaching program.



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