Togar’s Competitive Journey Week One

Togar Johnson is one of our Master Trainers at CNU Fit, and he’s excited to share his experience training for a Bodybuilding show in Laurel, Maryland, September 10th of this year. We will be tracking his progress and we need YOU to help Togar stay accountable! Follow him on Instagram, follow CNU Fit on Facebook, and sign up for our Newsletter, to ask your questions and stay up to date on Togar’s journey!

Togar’s in his first full official week of competition prep! He’s getting compliments about his physique already and feeling confident that he looks and feels better. Although his weight did increase 3lbs, he is not discouraged, and is trusting in the process.


His biggest challenge this week:
Meal Prep. Togar wasn’t prepared and it really hurt his results. He says he has an “idea of what I want to eat, but didn’t plan every meal and snack which lead to failure”

Game plan for next week:
Place meals on a timer, record and eat all calories/macros.

Your Take Away:
It’s important to remember that whether its Metabolic Coaching or Personal Training, developing the right habits and keeping consistent is essential to success.


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