Togar’s Competitive Journey


Togar Johnson is one of our Master Trainers at CNU Fit, and he’s excited to announce his training for a Bodybuilding show in Laurel, Maryland, September 10th of this year. We will be tracking his progress and we need YOU to help Togar stay accountable! Follow him on Instagram, follow CNU Fit on Facebook, and sign up for our Newsletter, to ask your questions and stay up to date on Togar’s journey!

Evans: “Why bodybuilding?”

Togar: “I’ve been a Personal Trainer for many years now, getting good results for my clients and myself. BodyBuilding has been in the back of my mind and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do; to prove to myself that my knowledge is not just to improve the bodies of others but it’s a skill I can apply to my own life. It will stretch me further than I ever have been before, but I can accomplish this task.”

Evans: “Why now?”

Togar: “Why not now? A lot of things in my life have shifted, my focus is now on point and I have less stress. I also want to prove to myself and I can do whatever I put my mind too.”

Evans: “This is a difficult journey, it will require getting up earlier, staying later, and ultra-discipline. The key component is to create body change, and there’s an emotional side as well, it’s not for the weak at heart. Why do you think you’re physiologically ready to go through this immense transformation?”

Togar: “To be honest, I don’t know. Watching you (Evans) go through the process and Portia go through the process, I saw challenges come up and you overcame them. So I need to trust in this process. Trusting the process in other areas of my life has yielded success, so I can apply that here now. It’s not about the end result for me, it’s about disciplining myself and moving forward to make it happen. If I can discipline myself in this, there’s nothing I can’t do.”

Evans: “Do you have a song picked out?”

Togar: “Not yet, I’ve narrowed it down to five.”

We’ll webcast some of those five and get your input about which song Togar should use to accompany him on stage! Keep up to date with Togar’s journey, follow him on Instagram, follow CNU Fit on Facebook, and sign up for our Newsletter.
There’s more to come, so stay tuned!


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