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Dear prospective trainer,

Have you always wanted to be a personal trainer, but didn’t know where to start? Let’s face it, finding a career in fitness can be challenging—full of long days and late nights and hustling on the floor to acquire and maintain a book of clients all to make an income to support yourself. It can be daunting.

For most trainers, having a stable schedule and being able to create a lifestyle that can accommodate family, time off, and desires like stability is something that takes years to develop, if it even happens at all. Most trainers burn out within their first year or two, which is why we are trying to change the culture of being a personal trainer and we want you to join us.

CNU Fit is Delaware’s leading personalized fitness coaching studio that mentors unfulfilled professionals to become fitness leaders with a career that supports their passion. Most big box gyms don’t care about your goals, limit your growth potential, and create a cut-throat culture. At CNU Fit, we take a different approach. We invest in individuals to become the best versions of themselves, fast track their growth, and support their goals in an environment with no limits.

We mentor our team to become fitness leaders.

In this position you will receive training to learn how to train clients– from learning anatomy and cueing, to learning how to make advanced exercise substitutions on the fly so you can work with any type of client.

CNU Fit has been awarded North America’s Fitness Business of the Year for 2017 and endorsed by medical experts for our safe and effective programs. Through our easy to understand coaching techniques and our experienced and knowledgeable staff, we’ve helped over 2,300 individuals lose over 35,000 pounds. We have worked with NFL Probowl Athletes, High School athletes, children, corporate wellness programs, amputees, and individuals of every walk of life wanting to lose weight, fit their clothes better, increase confidence and boost their energy.

We are committed to changing the fitness world, not only through serving our clients but by helping our employees develop a true career in the fitness industry that can support their family, lifestyle, and dreams.

We do this through our 4 step process:

  1. Step 1 – Personal development – define a clear vision of where you want to be over the next 5-10 years
  2. Step 2 – Develop a game plan to accomplish your vision
  3. Step 3 – Implement a co-created strategy
  4. Step 4 – Review monthly making necessary adjustments to stay on track with goals.

We’re looking for two things: someone who’s not afraid of hard work and someone who is ready to be mentored. If this is you, apply today.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Text books and classes don’t give you the hands-on skills it takes to be successful in the fitness business. That’s why interning is an ESSENTIAL part of your journey to become a fitness professional.

Why intern with us?

We don’t just send you on coffee runs or have you clean the facility…we allow you to work with clients hands on while supervised by our Professional Personal Trainers. If you are the type of individual that wants to learn how to apply all the things you have learned throughout your college career in a real world environment, interning with us will be a fun adventure. To apply email with the subject “growth mindset.” In the email please attach your resume and a cover letter stating how CNU Fit’s mission statement aligns with your core values and why you would like to intern with us.

After the interview there is a 20-hour observation requirement to ensure this is the right environment for you. Please note that this is our standard internship process and will apply for all students, no exceptions.

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