Weighing your Options in Adapting to Change


At CNU Fit, our Personal Trainers and Metabolic Coaches are always pursuing excellence. Through continual growth and education, we are constantly adapting to change. We like to express to our clients that change is a good thing! Change stands for:

Choosing to

The first and most important change we want to share with our Metabolic Coaching clients is that it’s essential to weigh your food on a food scale. Instead of using measuring cups to determine your portions, we recommend weighing everything from avocado to rice to chicken on a food scale. This provides consistency. Consider your morning oatmeal, 1 cup of oats packed tightly is a different quantity than 1 cup of oats packed loosely, to avoid inconsistencies use a food scale to measure all foods.

At CNU Fit, our goal for every client is to maximum your flexibility, variety, and freedom in every meal. Our value is not instructing you to eat an apple, our value is determining which combination of macronutrients is appropriate for your body and then giving you the freedom to choose your foods.

While change can be overwhelming or inconvenient in the short term, long term effects will provide lasting and life changing results. Be open to change, choose to have an experience necessary for a healthier you, let us help you adapt to new routines for a healthier lifestyle! Watch the video below and stay tuned for more updates and important changes that can greatly impact your success and results!


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