Milford Transformation Coach: Tips to Recommit to Your Goals

You set a goal at the beginning of 2020, and spent the last few weeks motivated and diligently working towards that goal. This might be a weight loss goal, a resolution to work out 5 times per week, or anything in between. Perhaps you’ve seen some progress. But as the end of the month approaches you find yourself falling into old habits- you stop tracking your macros because it’s gotten monotonous, you aren’t feeling the same excitement to get to the gym and begin skipping workouts. The New Year excitement has worn off- what now? 

This is very common- in fact, as we’ve mentioned before, fewer than 10% of people last more than a few months into their resolution. So how do we rekindle the flame we had earlier this month, and stay on track to achieve our goals?

Below are a few strategies to help you find your groove again! 

Take Time to Refocus

Celebrate the achievement of getting to this point. Find a new purpose by revisiting your “Why”- why did you set this goal in the first place? A great place to start is to write down three to six motivating factors for your goal or resolution. Focus on what you want your life to look and feel like going forward. 

Listen and Read

Hearing other people’s stories can be very motivating to help us get back on track. Check out our Facebook page as well, we often share what the CNU staff is reading!


When we talked about theprocess of success, we recommended adopting new tools and habits one at a time. So set one goal that’s pretty simple for you to hit (ex.: exercising 30 minutes a day, eating x grams of protein, meditating for ten minutes a day—whatever works for you). As you conquer these small goals, you can build on them and get back on track- the success will be motivating to continue.

Stay Open Minded

Try new things where possible with your exercise, hobbies, meals, and schedule- mix it up. Try a new running path, a new recipe, or working out in the morning instead of after work. Finding something new may just be the spark you need to get recommitted to your goals!

It might take some time to build momentum and get back on track. With patience, focus and time you’ll get there!


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